sometimes i’ll have loads of money and then other times i’ll be awake


In the spotlight by Dragos Dumitrache

♡ punk #tbt ♡; another one of those middle school playlists with the same songs you know all the words to.
1. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World2. Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects3. Whoa Oh! - Forever The Sickest Kids4. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls5. Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings6. I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan7.  My Own Worst Enemy - LIT8. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne9. Just The Girl - The Click Five10. Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy11. All The Small Things - Blink 18212. Weightless- All Time Low13. I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! At The Disco14. That's What You Get- Paramore15. American Idiot - Green Day16. Mr. Brightside- The Killers17. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - Nine Days18. 1985- Bowling For Soup19. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus20. In Too Deep - Sum 4121. Island In The Sun - Weezer22. Everywhere - Michelle Branch23. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance


the first time I listened 2 the 1975 I was like idk what this guy is sayin but I like it


oh my


please love me as much as you love pizza.

I’m sorry I’m not posting/rebloging cute pics buuut I don’t have good wi-fi anywhere…

I’ll be back with awesome/cutr/lovely/…/picsnext week :-)

Have fun my dear followers, love ya

The worst thing that can happen to a person that hasn’t seen the epiaode of his fave ahow is to see a SPOILER. Guess what I just saw. Ugh.

A view from my window. aRoma. #roma #italy #rome #fun #holidays #friend #street #somanyhashtags